shrubs for shadeWhat Is Shade Gardening?

Shade gardening helps you to make the most of the shaded areas on your land or your yard. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice beauty or color for lack of sunlight; just the opposite. There are many beautiful plants that you can grow in the shade that flower and add a great deal of beauty to your landscape. Check out these plants that you can start or expand your shade gardening with, and make the most of the areas that are partially covered from the sun. There are plenty of plants that thrive in the shade and do not do well in sunlight, so make the most of it and start planting today! You’ll be amazed at how beautiful your shade garden can be.

Plants You Can Use For Shade Gardening

One of the great things about shade gardening is all the easy to grow plants you can do it with. Check out these plants that you can use in your shade gardening that will thrive without too much sunlight. Shrubs for shade can be a great addition to any garden with aesthetic appeal that may surprise you. It’s time for the shade plants to take their place in the… well, the shade.

Astilbe Hybrids

These beautiful flowering plants are colorful and attractive. With plumes of small flowers that rise above fern like pretty green foliage, these Astilbe hybrids come in such colors as white, lavender, red, pink, and more. They are beautiful to border pools and line paths covered in shade. You can even plant them in containers. Just make sure that the soil supporting them is rich and moist, which the Astilbe hybrid prefers.

Amethyst Flower

This flower is named for its color, as the amethyst flower has five petaled blooms that come in lovely shades of violet, in addition to white, brilliant blue, and sky blue, and have small green pointed leaves. They do very well in containers and hanging baskets, and thrive in spots that have warm shade or slight bits of filtered sunlight.


Begonias are sure to add some wonderful life and color to your garden. These large, flouncy bloomed perennial plants come in every single shade on the spectrum with the exception of blue. Add them to your collection of plants if you love larger, beautifully colored flowers. They grow the best in rich soil and filtered shade, being misted and watered enough to keep the soil moist.

Bigroot Geranium

The Bigroot Geranium does well in heat and lack of water, making it a hardy plant to add to your shade garden. You can choose a variety of colors, with white flowers from Album, pink from Ingwersen’s Variety, and Variegatum having flowers that vary in shades of purple and pink with leaves that are white-variegated. These plants grow up to two feet tall.

Toad Lily

One of the best shrubs for shade, this perennial has beautiful flowers that are often spotted with violet or blue and compared to the blooms of orchids. Pick White Towers for pristine white blooms or Tojen Toad Lilies for large, lavender blooms. Plant with hostas or bleeding heart plants.

Creating a shade garden isn’t hard, it just takes a little research and time. Implement these beautiful plants to your shade garden, and you’re sure to love the results. It’s hard not to relax and enjoy yourself on a bench in the shade next to these beautiful, colorful, and often scented plants. With some of these plants being hardy perennials, you’ll be able to enjoy their beauty for years to come in the future.