3 Suggestions for Landscaping a Small Backyard

3 Suggestions for Landscaping a Small Backyard

Small backyards can be cozy and low maintenance but can also present a bit of a landscaping challenge if you're interested in doing some things a typical backyard facilitates. Here are three ideas for landscaping a small backyard.

1. Grow Things Vertically

Since you're typically limited by horizontal area, use your vertical space wisely in landscaping a small backyard. If you're interested in simply green foliage, invest in some climbing plants that can use your home or your fences as growing spaces.

If you're craving a garden but can't afford the space, consider growing up. Many garden centers or do-it-yourself plans include tiered gardening designs, spiral shaped containers, and gardening walls that can be created by mounting small containers against a panel or even forklift pallet. Hanging plants from ceilings of patios or outside overhangs can be another way to bring flowers or vegetables into a small backyard.

2. Create An Illusion

Just as you can make a small room larger using some decorator tricks, you can do the same with a tiny backyard. For instance, consider purchasing some vintage mirrors that are inset old, antique windows to add depth.

If you're in the city and have no grass whatsoever, consider laying faux turf to create an illusion of green grass. Along the same idea, tight spaces that don't allow for a real deck can probably accommodate snap together deck tiles to create a space to sit, read and enjoy a cup of tea.

3. Size Things Down

Small backyards often don't allow room for needed amenities like tool sheds, but you can create a mini-tool shed by repurposing some old doors and windows. Build a narrow outdoor closet tucked away in a corner to store the absolutely necessary outdoor tools you need.

Stacked cinder blocks with a tiny tabletop can provide a great base for a small outdoor table. In addition, fill the holes in the cinder blocks with soil and plant herbs or flowers for additional space-saving decorations.

Instead of a complete patio bar, install a Murphy bar that has a fold-down table. Use the shelves for drink ingredients or outdoor decorations, and the table can double as extra patio seating.

Summer is a great season to be outside, and just because you have a small backyard shouldn't limit you in using what you have. Consider these and other ideas to maximize your space, and enjoy the fact that you don't spend every Saturday mowing.