Things To Know About Children And Hot Tubs

Things To Know About Children And Hot Tubs

If you are someone with children and are interesting in getting a hot tub, you probably wonder if it is safe for them to use it. As a concerned parent you would naturally wonder about these things, and it is a good thing you are focused on something so critical.

The story that a lot of people hear about is how children are not as able as adults to dispel the heat that their bodies absorb when they are in a hot tub. There is some medical validity to this claim, and it means it is a good idea to think about what is really safe or not.

To start from the top, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) says that children under the age of 5 should not be in a hot tub for any reason. It is just too dangerous for their small bodies to take on that much heat. Parents should avoid having their young children like these even near such places.

Children who are over the age of five may be okay to get in a hot tub for a limited period of time so long as the temperature of the tub is carefully monitored. Sunset Pool & Spas, a company which installs in ground hot tubs in Chicago, recommends monitoring children in the hot tub, ensuring they get out after a short period of time to cool off and return to their other activities.

Hot tubs can often get up to as high as 104 degrees but a temperature of 102 degrees is a lot safer for most human bodies and for children that temperature should be closer to 98 degrees until they are a little more used to things. Remember that the average healthy human body runs at about 98.6 degrees, so anything hotter than that is likely to raise one's internal temperature.

No one, particularly children should ever have their head below the water when in a hot tub. This is a danger to one's health and should never be attempted. If the child is not able to stand above where the water comes to, they are simply too young to be in the hot tub.

It is always a good idea to drink water while in a hot tub in order to avoid dehydration. Being surrounded by the water can make it difficult to tell that you are dehydrated, so make sure you are constantly supplying yourself with more water to keep your body healthy while you are in there. Just always use common sense when in the hot tub. They are meant to be enjoyed but to be enjoyed safely.